About Us

The association was founded on 6th September 1968; before that, the shipping

business agencies has been regularly meeting up in Mei Yi Lim Restaurant at

Zhongshan North Road to maintain relationships, exchange business experience

and shipping information and discuss common problems. Therefore, those who

attended the meeting decided to found an industry trade association in

accordance with law in 1968. In 1974, we changed our name to Taipei Shipping

Agents Association according to the “Business Organization Separating Standard”

,and have been working on the promotion of shipping business, assistance to the

government’s relative policies, and maintenance of the industry’s benefits.


Domestic and international shipping agency contact and research development.
International trade transportation issues: contacting, introduction and promotion
Assistance in promotion and researching of the government's economic and

transportation policies and relative laws.
Mediation of the dispute within industry.
Activities holding such as vocational training and industry business seminar.
Providing evidence of shipping agency business related matters.
Construction of basic information and data of our members and representatives,

and dynamic investigation and registration thereof.
Modification, renewal, other services in regard to the member’s license.
Activities holding: issues related to our members public welfare.
Legitimate rights and interests protection of our members.
Service such as consulting offers for the government other agencies

Participation in social activities.
Other provisions that should be handled according to the law.


We view the Council Meeting as the highest body in our association according to

our constitution, and the Electoral Council set up the board and supervisors to

promote the association-related matters. The board is of 21 members, wherein 6

permanent board members and 1 chairman are elected; the chairman represents

the association and directs the association-related issues. The supervisors are of

7 members, wherein 1 permanent supervisor is elected to direct the supervising

work. The association further sets up business, finance and executive three

division committees; those who are professionals were invited to take places

therein,and offer obligatory suggestions to the board.

Future Vision

We will act in accordance with the objectives and missions set by the constitution

to promote the association-related issues, improve the quality of member service,

and actualize business cooperation unity.


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